About Us

EngineeringCPD provides short courses to engineersEngineeringCPD.com provides short courses to professional engineers as part of their continuing professional development

Why choose us

EngineeringCPD.com is different to other methods of learning and engineering education. We are different because:

  • All our engineering courses are provided online and include online reviews and assessment
  • The online engineering training courses are short – typically taking 1 to 4 hours to complete, though we also offer longer courses
  • We have a number of webinars, providing low cost online training with the interactivity of a live seminar – the best of both worlds
  • Our authors are experienced engineers from all over the world, offering a diversity and depth of experience not found in one location

About our online engineering courses

Our engineering courses will provide you with step-by-step tuition to solve engineering problems or learn about the latest technologies or ideas. At the end of each course is a multiple choice assessment. If you achieve the minimum pass mark, you will receive an EngineeringCPD.com certificate. You can review the course and take the test as many times as you like. This will allow you to look back over the course at a later date and check your understanding.

Our engineering courses are designed to be carried out at your own pace. You can start a course and finish it straightaway, or you can work through a section at a time. Our courses are designed to be carried out on PC’s and tablets, and many of our courses can also be viewed on smart phones, so you will have the flexibility to progress the courses at a time which is most convenient to yourself.

About our engineering authors

EngineeringCPD.com allows the knowledge of experienced professionals in the engineering industry to be presented online as a short course. This provides a platform for engineers to pass their knowledge onto other professional engineers as part of their CPD. The success of EngineeringCPD.com relies on contributions from these experienced engineers.

engineeringCPD can help you or your companyHow we can help individuals

EngineeringCPD.com offers advantages over classroom learning, including cost savings and accessibility.

How we can help your company

We can help companies by:

  • Providing easy payment methods so you can provide your staff access to online engineering courses and civil engineering courses
  • Providing internal short online engineering courses, such as company information as part of staff inductions or safety training

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